Aesthetic Procedures

Tummy Tuck

What is it about?

Having a toned and flat stomach is a goal that many of us try to achieve through diet and exercise. These methods often do not produce the desired results. The sagging of the abdomen and excess fat deposits is due to pregnancy, aging, and changes in weight, heritage, previous surgeries, removal and weakening of the abdominal wall. The Tummy Tuck removes the fat and excess skin and also restores the normal anatomy of the muscles that usually are separated; during the procedure an internal corset is performed to create a firm, flat abdominal profile. It is not a substitute for a weight loss program or exercise. The result is permanent, however, may be affected by fluctuations in your body weight. This procedure should not be performed when the patient plans future pregnancies or weight fluctuations. Stretch marks that are in the lower half of the abdomen are usually removed during the tummy tuck, however the ones rarely found in the upper abdomen cannot be eliminated by this method.

Who are eligible?

It is for those who want a firmer, flatter abdomen. This procedure can be performed in patients of both sexes and can be combined with other cosmetic and gynecological procedures.

Recuperation time

A special belt is used. It is also necessary to place a small draining tube to drain excess blood and fluid from your body, which is released after the procedure. Recovery time that is generally recommended is 15-21 days.