Aesthetic Procedures


What is it about?

Today aesthetics has shifted it course where it has never been before. Women want to be beautiful in every part of their body, even in their intimate parts. Vulvoplasty consists on reducing the redundant and hyperpigmented minor vulvar lips (labia minora) and in some occasion reducing also de volume of the mayor vulvar lips with a small liposuction of mons venus.

Who are eligible?

It is meant for those patients with redundant labia minora sometimes due to multiple deliveries. Also for patients with abundant fat pad in the mayor lips and mons venus.

Recuperation time

The procedure is done very fast and so is its recovery. If a liposuction is done, the area will bruise painlessly and that inflammation will last 3 weeks. In the case of labia minora it is good to know that the procedure will not affect sensation and that there is no need to remove stitches. Recovery time is about two to three weeks.