Aesthetic Procedures

Postbariatric Surgery

What is it about?

There are a number of cosmetic procedures performed on people who lost excess weight. For example, in patients undergoing gastric bypass or gastric sleeve and who lost a lot of weight and the body is with excess skin on the abdomen, breasts or thighs. Bariatric surgery includes different surgeries, the main ones of which are tummy tuck for the excess skin in the abdomen, breast lift to correct drooping breasts and thigh lift to reduce the amount of redundant legs.

Who are eligible?

Patients who have undergone surgery for gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or a treatment for massive weight loss. These patients should have at least one-year post surgery recovery and 3 months stability with current weight.

Recuperation time

Recovery time depends on the procedures performed; on average 14 to 21 days.