Aesthetic Procedures

Genioplasy (Chin)

What is it about?

The profile of the face is an image that only with photography can be appreciated, since we cannot see our own lateral view. The genioplasty is the remodeling of the chin by the implantation of a silicon chin implant or by sliding of the bone itself. The result is an equilibrated balance of the profile reducing the proportion of the cheeks and accentuating the jawline. This procedure is usually combined with a rhinoplasty and bichatectomy giving this way even more balance to the facial structures.

Who are eligible?

Those who lack chin definition and sublabial crease. The clinical analysis is made based on angles and facial proportions to achive, with the implantation of the chin, a straight line between the nose and the chin, passing right in front of the lower lip, and two millimeters in front of the upper lip. The decision to put a permanent implant or to cut the bone will depend on the case.

Recuperation time

After the implantation of a chin prosthesis, the recovery period is very fast. With a small submental incision, the implant is adjusted to the bone and the following inflammation will last one to two weeks with no pain. With the sliding technique, recovery takes a few more weeks and it is done through an inner incision and fixing material is needed to adjust the loose bone.