Aesthetic Procedures

Eye Lift

What is it about?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure used to improve the contour and appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. This surgery is requested by both sexes. It is a surgical procedure used to remove fat and excess skin from the upper and lower eyelid, which gives the appearance of being tired or older, in some cases excess skin on the eyelids can interfere with vision. It can be performed simultaneously with other facial surgery procedures such as eyebrow or facial pexia. The benefits of eyelid lifting surgery are for a fresh, alert and youthful look.

Who are eligible?

Men and women who are physically healthy. This operation can be performed after the patient turns 35 years old, although it is possible to operate before, due to drooping eyelids or hereditary eyelid bags.

Recuperation time

Most patients return to their activities in 5 days. They will be sensitive to sunlight, wind and other agents for several weeks and must wear sunglasses and sunscreen.