Aesthetic Procedures

Mammary Reduction

What is it about?

Women with large breasts may suffer from medical problems such as back pain, neck, skin irritation and even skeletal deformities and breathing problems. Breast reduction reduces the size and gives a more harmonious shape to large mammary glands. It allows patients to have more extensive physical activity, relieves pain caused by the breast weight on the shoulders, neck and back and improves the aesthetic appearance of the woman. During surgery, they can also reduce the size of the areola. Its purpose is to provide women with smaller and more proportional breast for their body’s shape.

Who are eligible?

Women who suffer from breasts too large for their shape and when the breasts limit their physical activity; when their breasts hang too low and have stretched the skin, and when without bra, their nipples fall below the women’s inframammary crease; when the areolas are very large, result of stretching of the skin.

Recuperation time

After surgery, the patients need a special bra. The breasts will be bruised or swollen. In two to three weeks the patient will return to their daily activities.

If the skin is very dry, moisturizer may be used several times a day. The first menstruation following the surgery may cause pain and swelling of the breasts. The patient may lose feeling in the nipples and breasts because of the intervention; such insensitivity is normal at first, but gradually recovers.