Reconstructive Procedures

Pressure Ulcers

What is it about?

These ulcers are injuries in areas of skin because of being in the same position for long periods of time. Commonly they are formed where the bone is closest to the skin, as it is in the skull, ankles, heels and hip. These ulcers due to pressure may cause serious infections, some to the extent of putting life in danger. They may cause problems to people in the intensive care centers.

Who are eligible?

The typical candidate is a patient that is constantly resting in bed, those who use a wheelchair or cannot change positions.

Recuperation time

Ulcers due to pressure have a variety of treatments. The most advanced ulcers heal slowly; therefore the best treatment is anticipation. Depending on the method to be used, recuperation may take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If it is operable, the recuperation is fast. Today there are methods that include continuous suction, which reduces the size of the ulcer, and cleans it at the same time, which allows it to not become a surgery later on. This method may take up to a couple of weeks until the ulcer heals.