Reconstructive Procedures

Breast Reconstruction

What is it about?

Breast Reconstruction after cancer recession or another disease is one of plastic surgery’s procedures that is most satisfactory. The development of new techniques and medical materials enables plastic surgeons to create a breast similar in form, texture and characteristics to the collateral breast. The purpose of breast reconstruction is to recreate a breast of natural appearance, including the areola and the nipple, restoring the deformity and the corporal image, improving the quality of life and to satisfy the patient.

Who are eligible?

Patients who have been subject to a mastectomy are candidates for a reconstruction. Sometimes, while the breast is being removed, there can be a reconstruction. Today, it is frequent to hear of prophylactic mastectomies and immediate reconstructions in patients who do not have or have had cancer, but are at high risk of presenting it.

Options in Breast Reconstruction

The procedure will depend on the characteristics of each patient in particular:

  • The autologous reconstruction, that is to say with their own tissue, taking tissue from their abdomen to reconstruct the new breast. It can also be done with multiple lipoinjections, extracting the fat from any part of the body and with it forming little by little the breast.
  • Breast implantation if the patient has good quality skin and muscle to cover it. On occasion it is necessary to put a tissue expander before the breast prosthesis.
  • If the patient wants the implant but the quality of the skin is not good, a wide dorsal flap of skin must be rotated, after this the tissue expander and last the implant is set.