Reconstructive Procedures

Inferior Extremity Reconstruction

What is it about?

The inferior extremity reconstruction abides by the same procedures of any reconstruction, either esthetic or functional for any part of the inferior extremity. It can be a procedure due to an accident or after cancer of any tissue of the inferior extremity, from the skin to the bones. The reconstructive process begins from a simple tissue graft, fat or bone, to microvascularized flaps of skin. The concept of flaps of skin based on perforating arteries has developed and the vast clinical experience has confirmed that many of them are safe and reliable towards reconstructive objectives. At the same time, the morbidity of the donated area is minimized.

Recuperation time

Recuperation will last according to the undergone procedure, but the post operatory therapy as well as the physical rehabilitation will depend on the patient’s recuperation. We work together with surgeons and physical therapist to provide the best therapy possible.