Reconstructive Procedures


What is it about?

Microsurgery is a term that makes reference to surgeries that require a surgical microscope. The most important development in this areas have been in the procedures to allow the union or anastomosis of the blood vessels and nerves, each time smaller (typically with a diameter of 1 mm) which has allowed tissue transplant to be done from one part of the body to another and therefore revitalizing the already dried up part due to an accident or cancer.

Who are eligible?

Every defect of great size is reconstructed with microsurgical techniques. Today, a flap of skin can be transferred even if it contains various tissues, from skin and fat to muscle with bone, in order to reconstruct several parts of the body that deserve it, after the loss of that part due to cancer, congenital defect or cancer.

Recuperation time

This will obviously depend of the type of performed microsurgical reconstruction. In general, it will take a few hospitalization days and then compulsory rest at home until rehabilitation therapy begins, which will depend n the affected tissue and the type of reconstruction.