Reconstructive Procedures

Hand Surgery

What is it about?

Despite the name, hand surgery entails the entire superior limb. Hand surgery deals with all soft tissue including the arm, forearm and hand, with all muscles, blood vessels, nerves and tendons. Also it deals with bones of the hand and wrist.

Who are eligible?

The pathologies that affect the hand are multiple and several, from genetic alterations, trauma injuries, degenerative (artrosis), occupational injuries or tumoral masses. The most typical pathologies after an accident are cysts or ganglions and pressure injuries such as capo tunnel, typical work related injuries due to constant use of the hands such as using computer keyboards and also due to physiological incorrect postures.

Recuperation time

Recuperation after hand surgery will depend on the performed type of surgery and the underlying condition of the hand. The hand is an important part of our lives and is very sensible. A Little to moderate pain can be expected after several types of hand surgery. Painkillers can be prescribed to help alleviate the ache.